Special Discounts

Enjoy a discount from up to 20% on hotel reservationsaround the world.
Enjoy the best price available when book international airlinetickets.
Enjoy the best price available when book international cruises.Enjoy special rates for Umrah and Hajj programs.
Enjoy extra benefits when you join your IMEPG system forreplacement with many free gifts.
Assistance for the issuance of tourist visas for our members tothe different countries of the world.
Assist in organizing conferences and exhibitions in variousfields for our members all over the world.
Assist in booking car rental without driver / driver worldwide atthe best prices available.

Free Vouchers

 10 free nights divided by customer reservations and not bundled and used in case of booking three nights or more in any country in the world and booked by our reservations office

 2 free ticket coupons to Arab countries or Turkey when booking a 5 star hotel for 6 nights or more in selected hotels or 50% discount or 1000 Saudi riyals to European countries, East Asia and America when booking a 5 star hotel for 6 nights or more in hotels Selected

Terms of use


• Free coupons are valid for one year from the date of registration and are not exchanged for the value of cash and renewal of coupons annually through the points program for each customer
• No more than 1 coupon may be used upon booking (fair use policy applies)
• Booking of free nights according to the availability of the hotel and at least 72 hours prior to the booking date
• Membership may not be canceled if the service offered by the company (free reservations or coupons) or breach of contract terms
• The customer is not entitled to refund the membership value after 14 days from the date



Terms and conditions apply